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Welcome to The Python Challenge wiki.

If you are looking for hints, go to the forums.

If you look for the puzzles, then go to The Python Challenge Home Page.

How to get access to the solutions?

You can view the solution only after solving the puzzle. In order to prove that you had solved a puzzle, you would have to enter the URL of the next one, but instead of using pc in the URL, write pcc.

For example, if you are now in, then change to

If the level requires a password, use the following pattern:

Entering this special page will give you a ticket for viewing the solution here. Due to security reasons, the ticket is valid only for 24 hours, but you can always renew it, ofcourse.

The Solutions

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9 (*)

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15

Level 16

Level 17

Level 18

Level 19 (*)

Level 20

Level 21

Level 22

Level 23

Level 24

Level 25

Level 26

Level 27

Level 28 (*)

Level 29

Level 30

Level 31 (*)

Level 32

Level 33

Levels marked by (*) require a password to get in. See the above box for help accessing them.